how to make $5 000 a month on amazonthe congregation of the sisters of st. paul of chartres was founded in 1696 by fr. louis chauvet, parish priest of levesville la chenard, a small village in the beauce region, sixty miles southeast of paris, france. the poverty and misery of his parishioners made fr. chauvet invite some young women to help him uplift their human and spiritual condition. marie anne de tilly, marie micheau, and barbe foucault, the first of many responded to help give education and care of the sick. they were simply called the "school sisters."

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msgr. paul godet des marais, bishop of chartres invited the sisters to reside in chartres where they could spread their service to more people beyond levesville. in 1708, the good bishop gave them their first house at st. maurice, and gave them his name, sisters of saint paul of chartres, after the apostle, st. paul.


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in 1904, seven sisters came to the philippines from saigon, vietnam at the invitation of bishop frederick rooker (1861-1907), bishop of jaro, for the preservation of the catholic faith in this country. their mission started in a boarding school with 26 girls in dumaguete, negros oriental. this was the first foundation of the sisters of st. paul of chartres in the philippines.

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